You can make a difference!

We are grateful for any gift, great or small, towards completion of The Whale Project. Donors contributing $10,000 or more will be acknowledged on a bronze plaque to be prominently displayed at the site. The Whale Project is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation. Accordingly, all contributions are tax deductible.

Donations to The Whale Project by mail can be sent to :

The Whale Project
350 Whittier St. Ste. 101,
Juneau, AK 99801

Our Major Contributors

($10,000 or more)


Alaska Airlines
Allen Marine, Inc.
Baxter, Bruce & Sullivan
The Blomfield Company
Bruce & Lupita Botelho
Harriet T. Botelho
John & Jamie Bursell
Capital City Celebrations
William & Katie Corbus
Laraine & Romer Derr
Bill & Kay Diebels
Robert & Katherine Dupere
Noel & Shari Grant
John Hendrickson / Marylou Whitney
Walter and Ermalee Hickel Trust
The Clarence and Jerry Jacobsen Family
The City and Borough of Juneau
The Juneau Community Foundation
Juneau Filipino Community, Inc.
Sharon Kelly
Myron Klein
Donald Madsen
Northrim Bank
William & Jean Overstreet
Pfeffer Development
PND Engineers
Pioneers of Alaska, Igloo #6
Rasmuson Foundation
Bob Thorstenson
Henry Tiffany